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Uploaded on : February 28th 2012
M&M Forgings
The worldwide hub of excellence on forged products.

M&M Forgings represents a new reality in the world of forged products and it is a unique example of alliance grown between two long-established forging companies: Forgiatura Mamé and Forge Monchieri.

An important step forward for Forgiatura Mamé and Forge Monchieri, aiming at overall excellence in order to win the new challenges in the international markets.

Through M&M Forgings, Forgiatura Mamé and Forge Monchieri share their know how, production capabilities and networks , though preserving their brands.
Moreover the two companies through M&M Forgings strength their position on served markets and enter new markets as leaders.
The consciousness of the precious territorial technical knowledge base comes with the will to contribute to the growth of this knowledge and to the improvement of human resources. This can be achieved through the development of an hub of excellence with contributions from primary international research and innovation centers.

Forgiatura Mamé and Forge Monchieri through M&M Forgings aim to increase the competitiveness and the industrial relevance of their territory, making it the reference of the forging industry and a centre of attraction for international competencies, human and capital resources.

M&M Forgings Official Website : mm-forgings.com

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