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Andrea Mamé

The Vision and Mission of Andrea Mamé

What has always distinguished Andrea Mamé was his the enthusiasm and his passion. He inherited the family business with enthusiasm, and had managed it with enthusiasm, developing and improving it year after year.

Dynamics, competition, challenges, getting involved, remarkable leadership and management skills were in his DNA. It is not by chance that Andrea Mamé was a rally driver and then a Gran Turism racing driver. He also loved hunting, deep-sea diving and all sports in general. Situations where decision-making, quick reactions and self-confidence when facing unexpected events are essential and fundamental qualities. Andrea Mamé was able to apply these skills to his business, addressing the market with determination, commitment and above all passion: work, sport, nature or life.

Andrea Mamé

In addition to these qualities, Andrea Mamé also applied what he learned in years of management training at university and on the "field", in direct contact with the market and customers. In fact, he has introduced the concepts that have become the core policies for Forgiatura Mamé to start with and then the Mamé Group:

» Customer care:
taking care of their customers, providing information, updates, advice, satisfying all their requirements throughout every stage of the supply process, from the offer to post-sales phases;
» Product focus:
continuous innovation of production processes to remain in line with market needs, in terms of product quality, flexibility and versatility, fully satisfying the demands of its customers; Mamé Group works to provide highest quality products to highest level customers.
» International market:
crossing national borders to reach every corner of the world. Facing new markets with the professionalism and high standards that distinguish the Mamé Group and its staff.
» Investing: Always!
In products, services, research and development, infrastructure, organisation, human resources, Information Technology. Cost-savings and reduction of wasted resources are a mere example of the many characteristics of the Mamé Group;
» Team spirit:
this is what Andrea wanted to achieve within the Mamé Group. To develop a business there must be a leader but it is also important to have a trusted team at hand, a group of skilled workers with clear ideas on the objectives to be achieved. In this respect, Andrea Mamé’s coaching takes on a crucial role. In work as in sports, being able to depend on a close-knit team makes all the difference.

The Vision implemented by Andrea Mamé and his group is therefore very clear: maintaining a front-runner position on an increasingly dynamic and demanding market. The winning factor of any company is the ability to constantly adapt to changing markets, the needs of its customers, the demand for new applications, new materials, product specifications, and consistency of delivery times.

Andrea Mamé's goal was ambitious but well-focused: to become the world's number one manufacturer of forgings in the 60 ton section, in terms of quality, product characteristics and customer service. This is still the Mission of Mamé Group.

Andrea Mamé was the victim of a fatal accident on June 30, 2013 during a car race, his biggest passion. His renowned foresightedness still reigns within the company and, every day, the whole team works to pursue his mission: that of becoming the enterprise par excellence in the forge world.

Andrea Mamé nel suo ufficio

Curriculum Vitae

He was born in Milan in January 1972 and began his studies in Switzerland at the Liceo Scientifico Leonardo da Vinci in Lugano. He later gained a degree in Production Management Techniques at the LIUC University in Castellanza.

After graduating at University, he then had a most prolific internship at a metal-mechanic company in the North. Andrea Mamé joined Forgiatura Mamé in 1994, where he started off by getting experience in all the various departments in order to get to know the company better.

His first managerial role came in 2000 when he was appointed Director of the Commercial Department and then in 2003 he took over the position of Managing Director, bringing significant changes which led the company to achieve production levels of primary importance worldwide.

The Mamé Group was founded in 2009 with the aim of expanding its business opportunities.

In June 2013 Andrea Mamé was a victim of a fatal accident during a car race. Mamé Group is proceeding its way with the same passion and enthusiasm that has always characterized Andrea Mamé.

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